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Art House Mural; Blossom
Art House Mural; Blossom
Low fie clay, glaze

This was a collaboration with a public school and Art House, an art center in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. I worked with the whole sixth grade on developing a piece that would embody the mission of Art House. The school is directly across from the art center which provides programming for the neighborhood community and the schools in the area.

We brainstormed our first session and came up with the word, "Blossom", we decided that it fit the space and the way that the students felt when they came to Art House.

The artists had not worked with clay before. Each student made an individual garden tile that they would take home before beginning work on the mural. This gave the artists a chance to become familiar with the process before diving into a permanent public artwork. Much of this community of students is transient and I find that engaging them with something that they can 'own' and then something that they can 'give' is a good fit for a stakeholder attitude. The work takes a lot of time and attention, they did a wonderful job!